Data Bender Firmware Update v1.4.4 - Released Today!

It’s Here!

I’m very excited to introduce the Data Bender v1.4.4 firmware update today, which brings a bunch of awesome new features and polishes.

And I want to say a huge thank you for the feedback you’ve given us during this development process, as it ultimately determined what this update was going to be.

Some of the coolest features came direct from the community:
redstripedown - DJ Filter
deaftone_audio - Stereo Width
synthieslut - Vinyl Simulator
@drfiresign - CV Attenuation

Hats off to them!

And if your suggested feature didn’t make it in this update, don’t worry!
There will be more opportunities in the future.

New Stuff

Here are some of the main features added in this new update, with the full changelog just below:


  • Added 1v/oct calibration to Micro Mode Bend CV input.
  • Added LED Dimmer via Shift+Repeats.
  • Added adjustable stereo width via Shift+Mix.
  • Added CV attenuators for Bend (Shift+Bend knob), Break (Shift+Break knob), and Corrupt (Shift+Corrupt knob) CV inputs.
  • Added DJ Filter Corrupt effect.
  • Added Vinyl Simulator Corrupt effect.
  • Added Corrupt offerings toggle via Shift+Mode.
  • Fixed dry signal bleed issue when Data Bender is fully wet.
  • Fixed Micro Bend knob range issue and LEDs, is now able to reach the 3rd octave via knob input.
  • Added default windowing Blue LED blip on knob range.

How To update

For information on how to flash the firmware, check out our How To video where Johno walks you through the update process.

Let us know what you think, and I can’t wait to hear what everyone creates with the new update!


I also wanted to mention, we completely redid the Data Bender manual.

Even if you’re an experienced user, I’m sure you’ll find some new and useful information in there.
Check it out!


I was going to say, the manual update is a massive improvement. <3


Loving this so far but running into something unexpected. When switching to micro mode then back, it’s like the micro state is preserved and is still running and doesn’t really go back to macro mode. (Even when turning bend/break off.)

@kokernutz super interesting, I am unable to recreate that on my Data Bender. I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you. Do you mind sharing your patch with us?

nothing patched except audio in/out and a clock. i will make a video and send you the link.

YouTube vid: Data Bender 1.4.4 firmware issue. - YouTube

I think I figured out what I perceive as the issue: When I turn micro mode off (at 0:56, mode LED goes from green to blue) I am expecting the playback speed of the audio buffer to return to normal, but it seems to be stuck to whatever the bend pot was set to prior to turning micro mode off. This occurs even if bend mode is off in macro mode.

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Awesome. I was getting super annoyed about that bend knob not being able to reach all octaves, and not seing any firmware to fix this; and now, I can tell it was worth the wait. Because it is fixed, and it came with many new features. It is a fantastic update, which turns Bender into one of my most loved eurorack effect.

I tried the 1v/oct per octave, and it works… almost. Is there a way to recalibrate it? Because it seems that some octaves are out of tune. For example, I need to send 2.1v to reach +2oct. I’ve confirmed the issue with different modules sending CV to the Bender, including the Mordax Data, which is supposedly be precise.

Thank you very much for this update, and the updated manual.

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This update is loads of fun. Thanks for the new features and the requests. Yesterday, I spent a couple hours glitching out!

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@audiosampling You may need to calibrate your module! The procedure is explained on page 17 of the new manual. Let me know if you already tried this, we can check out some other possible explanations.

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@kokernutz Our team is diving into this issue, as we seem to know what is causing this weird relation between Macro and Micro Mode. We’ll have a fix very soon!


I’ve successfully updated my DB…:smiley::+1:
It was done, via Chrome, on a Mac Mini…
On downloading and opening the Zip there’s the Bin file but no PDF…
It’s not really an issue for me as I have “Clueless Old Man Confidence” and obviously don’t need a manual…:smiley::+1:

I had something similar, but the Corrupt pot was ‘stuck’ in the DJ filter mode after switching between micro/macro mode. (downloaded on 13th, no zip on the site, only directly the bin). I had turn off/on the DB to get it working again.

p.s. manual typo at page 15: “Break Jack set to primary function (not reset/sync).”, should probably be: “Corrupt Jack set to primary function (not reset/sync).”

I’m very excited to try the new Data Bender firmware but I’m struggling to install it. When I download the link the file is not a zip file but is already the bin file which I cannot open. If this is the file I need to use where is the link to Daisy?

Hi Mark, as far as I understand, open Chrome and search for daisy web programmer (or just click here in the Chrome browser) then your .bin file is the one that is used to update it. Having said that, I haven’t updated yet as I’m waiting for the bugs to be ironed out first. This is info from reading here and the modwiggler thread. Hope that works!

Yes, calibration solved the problem! I should have better read the manual.

BTW, there is a small typo in the manual, which is confusing :slight_smile:

Patch 3V (3 octaves up from root on your sequencer) into the Warp CV input.

The WARP CV input should read the BEND CV Input.

I just noticed in the ‘Silence’ section on page 12 of the manual it reads:

On the far right of the knob, 90% of the play-

trailing off into diagrams. Yep! :slight_smile:

I’m Having exactly same problem.
For now i returned to 1.2.0 firmware and all is working fine again.

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Version 1.4.5 Is Here!

This new version of Data Bender includes hotfixes for issues found in v1.4.4, as well as additional LED colors for firmware version checks. You can see the latest firmware color scheme in the above image. We also fixed the typos and formatting issues found in the newest version of the manual, which is also updated on the site.

Here is a link to the new firmware: Data Bender v1.4.5 — Qu-Bit Electronix

v1.4.5 Changelog:

  • Fixed issue with switching between Micro Mode and Macro Mode where Micro Pitch would affect Macro Mode.
  • Fixed issue with Bend and Break switches across Macro and Micro modes (Bend/Break switches would toggle Micro’s reverse when in Macro and vice versa).
  • Bend and Break now save separate states for Micro and Macro Mode.
  • Added new firmware LED color indicators: 5=purple, 6=white, 7=orange.

Just installed 1.4.5 cleanly + confirmed with LED pattern. Looking forward to putting this through its paces.

I just so happened to decide to hold off on updating for a bit right before the 1.4.4 bugs were confirmed, and took the time to note all of the various reports of problematic Daisy upgrades. Changing USB cables is suggested often, so I’ll note here that I used a Amazon Basics Micro USB cable (with the gold plated connectors) with 100% success. Also, for those who don’t want to use Chrome, the Brave browser (based on Chromium) works fine.

Used the boot/reset button combo after having already connected Daisy with the USB cable - worked on first try.