Any chance of being able to write our own Daisy code for the Qu-Bit modules?

Noise Engineering has released DaisyVersio for LibDaisy, it would be awesome if you released something similar for your modules.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We are working on this currently and plan to release it soon for Data Bender in all Daisy supported programming languages.


That’s cool! Will it be a HW library for just pots and jacks and hardware interface, etc, for making new effects on Data Bender as a platform? Or will it include some of the Data Bender audio processing functionality to tweak and modify?

That is a great question!

The original plan was just to provide a hardware API but we’ll think about including some of the core Data Bender algorithms.


So i just noticed theres already many hardware revisions for data bender and i have rev 3.

Are all hardware revisions going to be equally compatible with new firmwares once that starts happening ?
I certainly hope so …
Why are there so many hardware revisions anyways ? What are the differences ?
Are newer ones better than the older ones ??

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, there are multiple hardware revisions for Data Bender in the wild.

The good news is that since they are all based on the Daisy platform, they are all compatible with each other, and the firmware update can be flashed via USB over the internet.

The reason for the different hardware revs was to keep up with pandemic induced supply chain woes.

The new revisions sound just as broken as the older ones. :laughing:
But in all seriousness, there is no quality difference between the different revs.

Hope this clears things up!


Ok thanks for the reply.
So if people make some home-brewed firmware or firmware mods In the future, then they should all be compatible with all revisions of data bender ?
I was just concerned that the newer ones with newer daisy versions would have more processing power than older ones which would impact future home- brew Firmwares compatibility.
So just to be sure, your saying that is not the case( as far as all firmwares including home-brew) ?

Both versions of the Daisy platform that we have used on the Data Bender feature the same processor, and RAM configuration.

Due to that, all firmware will be equally compatible with current and past Data Bender revisions.

hey andrew, just wanted to mention i’m unable to respond to the thread requesting suggestions for new data bender firmware. i think i have a killer one that would be relatively straight forward on the back end.

Thanks for the heads up!

I just moved that post to a new category.
You should be able to respond to it now :slight_smile:

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