Understanding Pulsar

While I await someone to produce a deep dive, I’ll be asking a number of questions. With all due respect to everyone on this forum and the support staff, if I use the wrong terminology, I’m a musician not an electrical engineer — which seems to be a good deal of my problem LOL.

Reading the manual yet again, The Absorb Button acts as a reset. If I’m using a four-beat pattern, when the pretty light illuminates beat three and I press the Absorb Button, the pattern immediately returns to beat one. Got it, I think.

When I do the exact same thing with the Burst Button, I get the exact same behavior. Don’t got it, I think.

What is the difference between Absorb and Burst if they appear to create the same result? Is this an indication that Burst is in the Asynchronous mode? Once I figure how to switch to Synchronous maybe I’ll understand any difference between Absorb and Burst.

Ok, that’s my first “question.” More will follow as I dig my way through said manual. I have a doctorate in music and I’m struggling to understand what the manual is obliquely trying to teach me.


Hey @drtheory, welcome to the forum and great question! When Pulsar is set with certain settings, such as looping channels, both Absorb and Burst will appear to behave the same way. This is different when the channels are not looping, for example. Absorb will reset the channel/s like you said, but when the channel is in “Burst” mode, it will not advance.

Only when Burst is press will the channel advance, and when the channel is looping, Burst will both reset and advance. When the channel is in looping mode and Absorb is pressed, it will continue to advance after the reset since it is still looping.

Let me know if this makes sense!

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Thank you. That helped and now I understand.

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