Tone: Adding Normalization

I would like to mod my Tone to have the CV inputs chain normalize from channel to channel. This way one or more CV ins can control more than one channel. In other words inputting a CV in channel one would also affect 2, 3 ,and 4, but putting another CV in into CH3 would break the chain but still control 3 & 4. I am hoping the normalization pins on the CV jacks are currently not connected to anything so I and just tack on jumpers. I would prefer not to to tear the unit apart to check for traces on the sides I can’t see easily. It would also be nice to be able to do this to the Audio ins also so you could make a complex multi-band filter by mixing the 4 channel outs and still have it controlled by one CV.
Is this easily done, or are the normalized pins on the jacks connected to ground or something?

You could just use a mult or stack cables to do this?

Obviously I could use multiples or stackable cables but that’s not the point. I’d like it built in the module so that it would be easier and would cut down in the clutter. I have a Doepfer quad VCA module that normalizes the CV inputs, the audio inputs, and the outputs, and is totally flexible and easy to use. I would like to do the same thing on the tone module. The output normalization would take more than just jumper wires, but I imagine that if the normalized jacks are not being used for anything else, that it would just take jumper wires to do it for the CV and the audio in.

I know where you are coming from and it would be nice to actually have this option especially in a quad module but I don’t have tone but if it is anything like my other qu-bit modules then you probably won’t be able to do this easily if at all. At least there is a workaround but it will mean patching more modules.

I can confirm, the normalled connections on the CV input jacks are not connected to anything.

What you’re suggesting should work great.

Mod away!

How about the audio connections? If I could use the normalizing connections on the audio input, then I could make format filters and all kinds of nice stuff with one input and one CV controlling all four channels processing the same audio input (especially using the BP outs).

The audio input jacks do not use the normalled connections either so they are fair game.

Sweet! I will mod mine as soon as I figure out the pins. I see the jacks on one end are rotated so I will have to remember that. Thanks! Like I posted, the Doepfer Quad VCA/Mixer has headers to enable the normalization for the inputs, CV, and outputs. For future Quad modules, you should think of it as an option. For this filter it will be sweet to have one audio signal, 4 tuned BP filters, and one CV to move them around.

I think you have a great idea. I also looking forward to mod my tone.
Please, share some photos and advices once you proceed with modifications!

Hi there.
Here is my version of this normalling mod.
I am not good at soldering, but everything seems to work fine.

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As long as it works, that’s all that matters. Nobody else will ever see it (except here of course). Did you do an input mod too? I plan on doing both.

Yep, it’s both. Three wires for audio and three for cv.

Duh! For some reason I was thinking they were on the other side of the board (which are outputs!). I can see now you did both.
I was trying to figure out a passive mixer approach for the outputs but there are too many combinations, unless I just wanted to do just the BP outs mixed together. I think I will leave that to a simple external mixer module. I have a couple of A-138 mixers that would work fine for that.

Yep, I think it’s easier to use some other modules for mixing. Adding passive mixer to the Tone would require adding some resistors as far as I know. I really like a diy Nearness for summing my Tone’s outputs.