Synapse and external LFO question

Quick QuBit Synapse question. I want to slowly morph between sounds like shown at the 7:30 mark of this video. However, I want to use a really slow LFO or an EG from Zadar.
The Synapse is -5v-+5v, which means I would get only one voice all the way to the left(A= -5v) and only the second voice all the way to the left (B= +5v), and both voices blended in the middle (0v).
My LFOs and EG are all 0v-+5v, so I think I would only get a blended sound of A/B that slowly cross-fades into the sound on B.

Is there any way to get it to crossfade fully from A/B using an external LFO/EG? I know Synapse has an internal LFO, but I want more control over it. I also don’t have any extra HP or $$ to get atenuverters.
I wonder if I have a brain freeze and if I am completely missing a simple solution.

This can be achieved on the Synapse.

Even though the entire CV input range is +/- 5V, you only need +5V to move from the far left knob position, to the far right knob position, and vice versa.


  • Set your mix knob to the far left, you will only hear the A signal at your output
  • Plug in +5V to the CV input for that channel, you will now only hear the B signal at your output

Hope this helps!

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Hello! I apologize for the late reply, but I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reply and I greatly appreciate the help.

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