SURFACE - tuning issues

Trying to create melodic music with the Surface, sequenced from a range of CVs, Bloom, Hikari, O&C, Arp etc: and through quantizers like TipTop, O&C and Tune. In fact as a test today running it parallel with other oscillators to test the internal tuning … but keep coming up with major tuning problems in it’s response to quantized cv in… for example turning the tone control on mallet will push the tuning up half a semitone, or the strike on prep piano down half a semitone… each model seems to have tuning inconsistencies across the octaves. Been playing with low mid and high range. It is running 124 fw and am about at the point of removing it from my rack as when doing a performance I cannot really trust it to stay solidly in tune. I had previously just used the pluck model which seemed the most consistent … yes I have done the manual calibrations but as I said when the tone control throws pitch out it is beyond calibration ?