Strange infrasound request for databender micro-mode

I know that data-bender rolls off frequencies below a certain point to prevent a muddy mix, infrasound ect…

My problem with this is i have an infinite baffle subwoofer system in my car, its most efficient and impressive range is between 10hz and 40hz. Data-bender would be absolutely perfect for playing live chopped n screwed music thru my system, however it seems to roll off that precious sub 30 range.

I know this is a completely crazy thing to ask, but can I get a custom update that lowers that subsonic filter to something more like 0 HZ? or disables it all together? i was going to send an email about this but didnt see an appropriate option for that as my module is working flawlessly.

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Hey @Digitalrb, this would be an awesome alternate firmware for Data Bender, however the high pass filtering you are describing is a hardware circuit, and can’t be changed via firmware.