Some new Surface options


Been thinking about this model quite a bit. Have a couple ideas…


Recently got a Nautilus and I’m enjoying the simple to use browser menu for reconfiguring the module. I am curious if something similar for Surface might be in the works sans the USB stick? If so, might there be a way to change the order of the models on the knob? I’d like to order them:

• Prepared Piano
• Pluck
• E.Piano1
• E.Piano2
• Bell
• Kick
• Snare

A rearranginfg feature might also be useful if there are new models available but only a limited number of available slots at a time. Loading fewer sounds should be an option too and, if possible, putting Dark Mode versions of models alongside normal versions (or in any order). I would really like to play a Surface loaded with only Prepared Piano and Pluck, but both normal and Dark Modes; or only E. Piano 1, E. Piano 2, and Bell, normal and Dark Modes.


Not sure if dual sounds are possible but having normal Model versions on Output 1 and Dark Mode versions on Output 2 simultaneously would be great. (Might conflict with what I said above about having both versions available on the Model knob).

A random mode that ignores the knobs/inputs and generates a random sound at Output 2 with each trigger would be kind of cool too.


Option where a high gate at the Choke input momentarily switches to Dark Mode for a strange accent effect.

Thanks for the great hardware, forum, and code.

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Hey @Mishegoss, these are some awesome suggestions for Surface! Unfortunately, since Surface does not have the same level of configurability as Aurora and Nautilus, these changes would have to be made in an alternate firmware.

We will definitely keep these in mind for a future firmware update, and I hope you continue to enjoy your Surface and Nautilus!

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