Smooth interpolation of voicing in Chord v2?


I’m currently deciding between Chord v2 or Plaits in chord mode. I really like, from my demoing in VCV rack, how Plaits smoothly transitions between inversions by fading in and out notes, such a feature makes the Plaits very expressive, but I am stuck using Plaits as a drone because I don’t know how to quantize it. Can I do smooth voicing with Chord v2? All the demos I’ve seen of it show abrupt changes when the voicing knob is turned. If not, I figure it probably wouldn’t take many CPU cycles to implement such a thing as a true/false in the configuration file.


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I think this would be a great addition to Chord! I’ll make a note with our dev team, and we will chat about the feasibility of adding this option, perhaps as a configurable setting on the SD card.