Secondary functions

I just got my Nebulae V2. I think I am inadvertently getting into the secondary functions section. How can I tell if I am in the secondary functions section and how can I get back to the main part of the unit?

Hey, there is also a “Nebulae V2 Cheatsheet” on the forum, but for your special question:

You enter the secondary-controls by holding down “Source” and while doing so, turning any of the knobs. As soon as you release source, your controls are aiming at the primary functions of the instrument loaded.

If you, for example by accident, have edited on the secondary layer and just want to revert:
Hold “Source” and press the “Pitch-Encoder”. This will reset the settings.

If by any means you don’t mean the secondary functions and instead mean the alternative firmwares: A new Nebulae V2 comes equipped with certain firmwares in the order that the “Granular Instrument” is the first one.

If so: you hold the “Speed-Encoder” for around 2 seconds (until the buttonlights start flashing) and after releasing it, you choose one of the buttons (in standard, the Granular Instrument should be associated to the Rec-Button), press that button and afterwards confirm your choice by pushing the Speed-Encoder once more. → Your unit will load the chosen Instrument.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Just to add to excellent description of The_Monotonist, long pressing Source (> 1 sec) will ‘save’ the secondary control values between power cycles. Now this is not very obvious because you access the secondary controls by long pressing Source, but it might effect the last set secondary control.

At least it saves/remembers the selected file from the USB drive this way… :wink: