Scaling Chord v2 to 1.2V/Octave

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First post on this forum but decades of using MW.

Is it possible to scale the Chord v2 for 1.2V/Octave?


Hey @Kent, welcome to the forum!

Yes, you would have to recalibrate your Chord v2, but you can calibrate to 1.2V/Octave.
Here is the calibration section of the Chord manual. You will see at the end how you can adjust the calibration procedure to work with Buchla voltage standards!


The module arrives calibrated using precise test equipment, however there are use cases
where a different input standard is desired.

To enter the calibration mode make sure that no CV inputs are inserted into the module, and
hold the Triad button for 3 seconds.

  • The Major LED will become illuminated Red.
  • When Maj is RED use V/oct jack.
  • When Min is RED use Lead jack.
  • When Dom is RED use Voicing jack.
  • When Dim is RED use Quality jack.
  • The process is repeated for each of the 1V/octave inputs.

For 1V/Octave:

  • Insert +1V into the V/Oct jack, and press Triad. The Asterick LED will illumintate.
  • Increase voltage to +3V, and press Triad. The next LED will illumintate.
  • Remove voltage from V/Oct, insert +1V into next jack, and repeat.
  • For other voltage standards, use the voltage for 1 octave above the root, and 3 octaves above the root instead of +1V and +3V.

For example, to calibrate this to be compatible with Buchla modules use +1.2V and +3.6V

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Yes! Thank you, Michael.

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