Save the last state algorithm

I’ve got the module a few months ago, and sometimes I missed the fact it doesn’t keep the last algorithm used when I turn on my rack. I’ve watched the manual, but I didn’t find anything related to this. So it means that’s not possible? Else would be upgraded by firmware?
Would be great, sometimes you find the correct algorithm for your patch and between turn on cycles you forget which algorithm you used, it’s a bit annoying.

Thanks for the feedback!

The Nano Rand v2 does not save the current algorithm.
And I feel your pain. It would have been super convenient for that to be saved.

Unfortunately the Nano Rand v2 hardware is not easily firmware updated in the field so we will not be making a firmware update to add this feature.

If we ever make a v3, that feature will be first on the list!
And we’d probably add a USB port on the front just like the new Aurora so that firmware updates can be easily performed over the course of its lifetime.

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