Rhythm variation with Bloom?

Is there any way to get some variation of rhythm with Bloom? I kinda assumed ratchets would supply that, but they appear to be just note repeat.

This is something I couldn’t reach with Bloom.
The only way I’ve got rhythm changes is modifying external clock (with Chance rhythm output or euclidean PAM sequence).
Another way could be muting steps, giving some kind of time and groove to the sequence.

Like @morphido said, you can get tons of variation with an external clock, but internally your best bet is to have a long sequence with plenty of muted steps throughout, while taking full advantage of ratchets, slew, gate lengths, and your branches.

How do you mute steps with Bloom? Just starting with it this week and love it, but can’t figure out how to mute steps.

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Hey @CrashCadet, welcome to the forum! You can mute an individual step’s gate signal by pressing down the respective step’s encoder. Note that the CV value will still output, so free running sound sources will still respond to the step value still if you are not using an envelope to control the amplitude.

Thanks! I finally did see that in a bloom tutorial video. Thank you.

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