Reverb room size (is it meant to shorten the length of the tail?)

First of all this module is a tonne of fun and a sweet addition to the rack !

However , just a question about the reverb -
Maybe I’m doing something wrong with the app which I doubt , but struggling to create a tighter sounding room where the reverb room value is concerned.

It seems to me no matter where the apparent room size is adjusted it still sounds like a giant cathedral to me , which is great with certain sounds with decent amount of spacing between the notes/sample - but surly the room size is meant to decrease its size when you decrease the value for tighter rooms to suit percussive stuff , it appears that it doesn’t , unfortunately therefor leaving a scratching head as to why it’s called room size :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Maybe my expectations on what this setting is in the app is all wrong :man_shrugging: but I surly expected it to decrease the reverb tail length and apparent size from cathedral like to an actual small room

Anyone wana enlighten me on this one ?

Cheers !

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Hey @Dmt7, I’d be happy to elaborate! In Narwhal, bringing the reverb size number down will shorten the reverb decay. If it sounds like your options.json file is not updating, I recommend making sure you are on the most recent Mojave firmware. The new firmware adds a bit of polish to the USB connectivity. It may be that your options file is not being read by Mojave, and the update should resolve it!

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cheers for getting back to me quick on this one , Il post back the resolve…

Edit -

Yeh that resolved it , appreciate the pointer.

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Awesome, I’m glad that fixed it!

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