Recording a pattern in Bloom

Is there any way to send a sequence to Bloom? There is exactly one thing that’s driving me nuts on this module, and that’s programming a sequence. For whatever reason–perhaps my own incompetence–I have a horrendous time trying to put in a specific melody into the root. it would be soooooo great to just put it into a listening mode and play a sequence.

Is anything like that possible? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @rastoboy, welcome to the forum! You can definitely send a sequence via CV to the Root input on Bloom. Just make sure that:

  1. Your sequence is set to one step, and that the note data is set to the Root note (turned fully CCW so that no note value is set)

  2. Your Scale is set to the appropriate quantized scale (or chromatic if you are changing your scales externally)

Your Bloom should then output the CV from the respective channel. Note that Bloom will not send out gate signals corresponding to the note changes from your external sequence. You can perform a workaround to use gates by:

  1. turning the Bloom RATE knob completely off

  2. Setting your channel’s DIV/MULT setting to x1 (two middle LEDs are lit in the DIV/MULT menu)

  3. And sending your external sequencer’s gate signal to Bloom’s CLOCK input

Your Bloom’s gate output should now send out signal based on the external clock input at a 1:1 ratio

Let me know if this works out for you!

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Thanks for that. Would Bloom then be able to create all the fractal variations on that sequence? And save it?

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With these settings, Bloom is essentially acting as a quantizer for your external CV. You cannot record/ the external sequence into your Bloom, but you can still use the Branches, Paths, and Mutation knobs while using this patch.

Thanks! So it can do everything but save the pattern?

(Note: I’m trying to decide whether to get the module, or I’d just try what you suggest. I’m not being lazy! :slight_smile: )

edit: i think i see about the 1 step sequence. so each branch or mutation or whatever is an offset to that at each step?

man, it’d be swell if you could play a sequence and have it save into the root!

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That would make for a great new feature in a second revision!

Yes, that is correct.

i think i get it, thanks!