Qu-Bit's Moving to Discord!

Hey friends!

I’m excited to announce that, as of today, the Qu-Bit Discord is live! The Qu-Bit Discord will be the place to chat with the Qu-Bit dev team about all things Qu-Bit, life, and modular. Click the link below to join!

With the introduction of the Qu-Bit Discord, we will be ending the Qu-Bit Forum at the end of the month (February 29, 2024). The forum has been an awesome place for people to share their experiences with Qu-Bit modules, and receive help from community members and our dev team. Though we are sad to see it go, we are excited for the future of the Qu-Bit community, and where it will lead!

Why are we moving to Discord?

  • Discord is the premiere social platform for harboring an active and friendly community around shared interests. A lot of our users are already on Discord, and the Qu-Bit team uses Discord for internal messaging!

  • More of our team can be responsive to community members. Discord is open on every computer in Qu-Bit headquarters during working hours, meaning more engagement and faster response times from our team.

  • The chat room messaging format encourages a continual conversation, which we hope will help make lasting relationships between community members and our team!

What will happen to the Forum?

  • Once the forum closes at the end of the month, we will move the forum to “read only” to allow future references to posts.

If you have any questions about Discord, the Forum close, or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!


The Qu-Fam