Qu Bit Bloom note step / gate length

Hi , im looking to buy a bloom,

I’ve watched a few tutorials on the module which are great ,

i wanted to ask can you change gate length per step / note? i saw you can set ratchet / slew each step… I wasn’t sure about gate length?

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i think it can , would make sense , but i didn’t see that on the demos tutorials

Hey @Converted, welcome to the forum!

Yes, you can adjust the gate length of an individual step by pressing down the step encoder, and turning the encoder while holding it down.

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thanks - I wanted to check before buying 1

Hi @michael
Is there any plan for an update to allow for customized default gate length? I decided to work around it by saving it as one of the presets, but if there are any plans for it, I think there could be others who would be pretty happy. It doesn’t have to be an intuitive solution though. I don’t mind compiling preset files into binary and all.