Power consumption for Nebulae


I’m trying to figure out if I have a possible power consumption issue with my Palette 62 case and the Neb
from Intellijel’s Manual:

● Robust power circuit with 12 shrouded power connectors, capable of supplying up to 1.2A of
both +12V and -12V to your Eurorack modules.
● Two 5V connectors, delivering up to 500mA between them.

I’m not sure what the “Two 5V connectors, delivering up to 500mA between them” mean exactly.

And according to the Nebulae manual says it draws 318mA +12v / 7mA -12v with nothing about the +5v. However Modular Grid shows the Nebulae at 47mA +12v / 7mA -12v / 271mA +5v

If the Nebulae does draw 271mA +5v does the “Two 5V connectors, delivering up to 500mA between them” mean the pallete will only give 225mA because the 500 is divided between the 2?

I don’t know enough to understand what’s going on, so any info that can be provided would help alot.

Hey @Jaimison, good question! I do not own the case you are referring to, but if I were to guess I would assume that “delivering up to 500mA between them” means that the +5V rail has a maximum current consumption of 500mA, which would be summed by the two +5V connectors. If that is the case, your Nebulae should be fine powering on the +5V rail in your case.

I would double check with Intellijel to make sure the assumption is correct, but you shouldn’t damage your module if it is underpowered by the case at first, so you could test it out yourself!