Possible faulty unit?

Hey there,

I recently purchased Bloom. It’s wonderful, but the 3rd Sequence encoder seems to have stopped sending data except for clicking it in. I can still mute the 3rd step if I want, and that allows me to enter the “order” mode too, but in neither case can I make any futher alterations… The encoder just doesn’t alter anything.

Im wondering if there is a hidden setting I may have accidentally activated that would be causing this, or something else I could try, or if you think it is potentially a faulty encoder.

Many thanks!

Hey @Fades, that definitely sounds like there is an issue with your Bloom encoder, since there is no setting that would cause your encoder to deactivate in any way. I’d recommend reaching out to Qu-Bit tech support, since the encoder might just need to be swapped out. Fill out these forms and they should be able to get you sorted!