Perfect mixer for live case

Hey there. Was wondering if there’s an eta for the next batch of Mixologies. It’s perfect for a system I’m putting together. Thanks!

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The Mixology has unfortunately fallen victim to the chip shortage.
At this point we’re not sure if/when it will be coming back.

Sorry for the bad news!

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It seems like Detroit Modular might have a Mixology in stock if you are in the United States:

Other wise, your best bet at the moment would be to keep an eye out on the used market for one:

Also, posting on Buy/Sell Forum Threads can be a great way to find modules! Here’s one to try out:

Thanks for the reply. Sad to hear that :frowning:

Thanks. There were 2 on reverb and I dragged my feel and now here I am :frowning:

I thought I saw one on ebay earlier, but it was a silver front panel.

Yep here it is: Qu-Bit Electronics Mixology Eurorack Synthesizer Module - Open Box | eBay

You could always pick up silver and swap the panel for a fresh black one!

Hey- I am currently thinning down my setup, and unfortunately, I will not have room for my Mixology. I am currently selling it here

or you can send me a message here.