Note edit question

Hi, when I enter Note Edit mode, nothing seems to happen. LED’s don’t change when I twiddle knobs, gate lengths don’t seem to change. What am I doing wrong? Here’s a very short video:

Hey @rastoboy, thank you for sharing the video!

It seems like your Bloom is operating normally. When you initially enter per-step note edit mode, your sequence will stop. You can see in the video that you are changing the note value of the steps you are turning by looking at the Channel 1 output LED, which is brightening/dimming depending on your change.

If you want to hear what notes are playing, you can loop the sequence page you are on by pressing the Channel button while in this mode. This will loop the 8 steps you are on, allowing you to hear any changes you are making to your notes. If you want to advance to the next page of your sequence, press the RESET button. Bloom will also remember if you are looping Per-Step Note Edit Mode when you exit and reenter the mode during your patch.

Hope this helps clarify things!

Oh ok, thanks! It didn’t seem to match a video i was looking at for guidance, but i’m guessing now it may have been in some different state.