New mode request

Right now, you can steer along the branches with the path knob/CV. Using the diagram in your documentation and adding numbers, the full sequence could go something like 1-2-5-10-21, repeat.

What I would like is a mode where the path knob/CV selects which particular segment loops. (In this mode, it only plays and loops one segment.)

That way with some timed CV sequencing on the path knob/CV, you could get patterns like:

1-1-2-26 (skipping the 3rd and 4th branches entirely)
1-1-1-12 (repeating melody with something different for the 4th phrase)

Make sense?

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Like a “Should I stay or should I go now” function? Randomized advance.

No, not random. The path knob/CV would directly control which segment to play. If you wanted a random segment to play, you could use a random voltage on the path CV or set the knob to random positions.

If you left the path knob at a given position or the voltage on the CV stayed the same, the same segment would loop.

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Where if you stay it will literally be double :wink: