Nebulae V2 startup time

What is the normal startup time and is there a relationship to how much power is available? Maybe it’s me but my startup time seems longer than usual. I just timed it and it took 3 minutes and 7 seconds before it would process audio.

That’s pretty unusual. Every now and then mine has taken a while to start. But also replacing the sd card improved my start time quite a bit.

I put in a different USB stick and took 2:55 this time. Are you talking aboutr replacing the card on the back of the module?

On the back yeah. Improved load time for me.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Hey, late to the party: Can confirm that replacing with a much better Micro-SD-card can speed up time, at least a bit. But also look at your files on the USB-Drive. For some reason, I happened to have longer startup-times when adding certain Samples (not even longer ones).

Don’t forget about the correct flashing of the new SD with Balena Etcher (which seems to be the recommended tool), otherwise your Nebulae won’t do anything, because it needs an OS first, before even being able to read the USB. Just adding a new card and then plugging a USB with the newest firmware-update won’t work.

Thanks. Looks like I’m out of fresh micro USB cards, but I’ll check the files on the USB stick.

My Nebulae v2 cycles between white and aqua LEDs — Qu-Bit Electronix bottom of the page has the details and firmware

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