Nebulae v2 noise

So I have seem to be running into whats turning into a rather severe noise issue with my module have had this thing for a little bit now and immediately noticed certain samples I would put on would be crazy noisy and crunchy and I kinda just chalked it up to the sample and moved on but lately its at the point, I can hardly play any samples, even the ones that came with it are incredibly noisy and crunchy now, the samples will play very clean on my computer before I load them up but once on the module tons of noise starts to happen, I have also noticed when I go into record mode sometimes, not all the time but often times just my dry signal will be noisy, I cant figure out whats going on and its getting to be incredibly frustrating because I love this module but kinda getting to the point I cant really use it, any suggestions for this?

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Hey @DrDMT, that is super strange! To confirm, was this noise issue always the case with your unit? Also, do certain sample files still play without the noise? If you could link the affected samples, I can give them a go on my Nebulae here and rule them out for you.

Thanks for getting back, so yeah noise was something I did notice immediately with a few samples here and there that were on the usb drive but didn’t mess with them much as I got the unit to record my own stuff in only recently started to mess with samples, I pull a lot from your website and most are fine ill say but some not so much, I have pulled samples from Splice and not a single one has even been able to be used, just insane crunch and noise for anything that comes from splice, now I dont play with samples at all so a ton I dont know in that department so kinda thought well maybe they just have shitty quality samples, then went down a rabbit hole and anywhere I was pulling samples from were just not playable because of noise, as I stated in my original post at times that noise will start to happen with me recording my own stuff, not all the time but here and there, for the most part thats ok just really seems that loading a sample is just a no go

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I see, so you are getting the sample noise even with the factory samples that come with Nebulae?

If that is the case, there may be an issue with your unit.
I’ve DM’d you some info so we can dive further into the issue, and get your Nebulae up and running without any extreme noise issues!