Nebulae v2 leds

the last two days using the Nebulae it boots up normal and i start using and leave running a while doing something else and when i go back to it all 4 leds are lit green. i believe i read in manual that has something to do with a firmware update…please advise how to fix. i installed the latest firmware some time ago. thanks for your time

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Hey @supright, I’d be happy to help you out with your Nebulae!
To confirm, the update file removed itself from the USB drive once the update was complete or is it still there on the drive? If it is, we will want to remove it to ensure that Nebulae isn’t trying to update itself again.

Nebulae’s LEDs will also turn green when in the Alternate instrument menu. You can enter this menu by holding down the SPEED encoder for 3 seconds. To exit this menu without changing your Nebulae instrument, hold the PITCH encoder for 3 seconds and the LEDs should return to normal operation.

If neither of these troubeshoots resolve the issue let me know!

will do michael. thanks so much for the reply!

When you rotate the SPEED encoder, will the top two LEDs change to either the left or right LED being lit and does a short press PITCH go back to normal? Then it is certainly in the Alternate instrument selection menu. But, this shouldn’t be ‘after a while of doing nothing’. Also ‘a firmware update’ shouldn’t do this…