Nebulae v2 “file scan”

I need some help. What modules are good options to make Nebulae V2 play different parts of the same audio file in random? I guess for that I need to send Cv in the Nebulae “start” input, right? I just need an advice about what module will work nice for this kind of job. The idea is to make something chaotic and noisy. Is Pam Workout an option for that? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Hey @Jeep, welcome to the forum, and great question! You are correct that you would need to send CV to the START input on Nebulae to jump around a sample.

If you are looking for a chaotic CV generator, the Qu-Bit solution would either be Chance or Nano Rand. Though Chance is a bit bigger, you get some more control over the signals.

Pam’s Pro Workout is also an excellent random CV source, while still having less random CV options to choose from!