Nebulae v2 cv inputs stuck at slow tempos

Hi! I recently ran into a problem when sending very slowly increasing cv (a couple volts increase over the course of around 10 minutes) from expert sleepers silent way step lfo (on “linear” setting, “step” setting works fine but doesn’t give desired effect) and out of the expert sleepers es-9 interface into the nebulae v2 start and density knobs. It seems like when the increasing signal is this slow, the start and density parameters just get stuck on whatever the last value they were at before the slow increase of cv. I confirmed that the cv is in fact increasing very steadily, and even the nebulae v2 v/Oct cv input acts perfect when the same exact cv signal is applied, it’ll increase pitch very slowly and not get stuck. But for some reason the start and density cv inputs just get stuck (I would assume the other parameters as well but haven’t tested that.) the smoothing parameter on the silent way step lfo plugin doesn’t seem to make any difference. And when I increase the speed of the step lfo from .1 to 1 (from around 10 minutes to around 1 minute) it tracks fine, just at that slower speed it gets stuck. Any help would be great! Possibly treating the cv somehow to make the nebulae track it? Or do you know the slowest it can go and still track cv? It would be a shame if the nebulae can’t track slow cv movements, I thought that was the whole point of modular and cv! Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hey @SynapticVoid, good observation! I think this has to do with some filtering happening on Nebulae’s CV inputs, though I’m not 100% sure. I can confirm that this is normal behavior for Nebulae on the current firmware.

I’ve made a note with our dev team to look into this, and possibly allow slower CV changes to be recognized by the inputs, in a future firmware update. We have a sizable update to Nebulae planned for early fall this year, so keep an eye out for it!