Nebulae v1 with pure data

Hello all! I just recently picked up a v1 Nebulae to use as a hardware Pure Data device and am having some difficulties. I’ve gotten a very basic patch to work, where I just create an osc~ and use a couple of knobs to control the pitch and volume.

But I can’t seem to get MIDI to work. That is, if I have pitch hooked up to the pitch CV/knob, it seems like MIDI notes will affect the pitch, but if I add a notein object to my patch, it never seems to receive anything. Is there a trick to getting my patch to respond to MIDI?

Other questions:

  • Can I receive separate signals from, say, the pitch CV jack and the pitch knob, or are they hardwired together? Is it the same for all the knob/jack pairs?
  • Can I control the LEDs?

One more question. If I start up my Nebulae with the USB stick plugged in, and then unplug the USB stick to add more patches, when I plug it back in to the Nebulae, do I need to power-cycle my modular, or should I just be able to press edit-recall to step through the new list of available patches? It seems like sometimes this just doesn’t work, but maybe it’s just when I have bugs in my patches. I have nothing on the USB stick but Pd patches.

You don’t have to reboot to reload files. Hold the Edit button and tap the Next File button. This should reload the USB stick.

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