Nebulae v1 update to v1.1

I want to upgrade v1.1.
I have a blank EPROM and a blank sd card.
I have the arduino uno.
I manage to mount the sd card from the update provided, but I am missing the sketch file to integrate into the eprom.
Someone can help me.

Hey @yanik, this zip file will have everything you need for the update!

Disclaimer: updating the Nebulae v1 to v1.1 will break the v/oct input. I recommend keeping the original parts should you want to revert back to v1.0.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Thanks Michael,
There is a file to mount the board, but for the EPROM, I looked at the sublime text code and copied it to arduino but it doesn’t take the variable into account.
So how integrated arduino FW.