Nebulae v1 problem

A few months back I fell heir to a Nebulae v1 (and one other module) when buying a case on eBay. Didn’t rack it up until this week- it powers on ok and all the lights behave. However, it will not load from the usb stick to the RAM- either it flashes red/white for a few seconds then simply goes white, or it flashes red/white for hours without end, but nothing will play. I’ve viewed the data on the stick (the Qu-Bit original!) and it’s the original data, manual, quick start guide and legitimate add-ons, all of which the iOS Files app will happily play. I’ve also transferred that data to another usb stick and tried that- same result. It would therefore appear to be a fault with the module itself, but is it reparable- or simply 20hp of junk? I’ve read the manual and checked out YT vids, and would dearly love to play with it, but cannot. Any advice?

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Hey @RtB, welcome to the forum!

Here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  • Here are some troubleshoots we can run through:

Reformat flash drive appropriately. You can find the information in the manual:

  • Load a single sample from the qubit nebulae sample library.

Wait 2.5 mins.
Did it load, and / or did lights ever stop flashing?

if not,

  • send me the log file from usb drive and we will check its diagnostics

Hi Michael

Thank you for your response. Sadly, none of the manuals I can find go beyond p 15, and I don’t have a clue as to how I would go about re-formatting the flash drive. Bear in mind that I don’t own a pc, so I’m working from an iPad. Similarly, I have no idea where to locate the log file- all that the usb stick currently holds is the manual (15pp), a quick start guide, and the original samples.

Are you suggesting deleting all audio files from the flash drive then putting one sack? iOS Files Manager can do that…

Hi again- I did all that I could do, which was to delete everything on the Qu-Bit usb except one lone sample and the manuals (I have back-ups). Tried uploading- the light flashed red/white in an irregular pattern for five minutes before I gave up and removed the usb. Ten minutes later and it’s still flashing irregular red/white. Insofar as the log file is concerned, there’s still only the manuals and the lone sample on the usb, and I’m guessing they’re no good to you.

Can you provide the sample that you’re trying to load?

Trying to, but no joy- I cannot paste anything into this box. It’s the AcGuitar2 file from the original samples if that’s any help. I can however paste the file in question into an email.

Hello, wondering if anyone has had any similar issues and knows of any fixes/hacks? on startup: Nebulae v1 (v1.1 I just flashed the new firmware n provided SD card) + and - LEDs light up followed by the LED above “out” which then starts to flash at intermittently. Nothing else flashes… while all this is happening, there is a click or repeated noise that continues. Nothing plays (I took all files from Nebulae v1 folder and put in in USB flash drive). The manual i have only goes up to page 15 so I don’t really know what else I can do. I’ve tried watching videos but none I’ve seen discuss this issue. Please help! I know a lot of people out there still use Nebulae v1 and it would be great if some of these issues (manual pages) could be addressed. Please help us Qu Bit!!

Aha! This sounds like the issue I had eighteen months or so back. I think Michael and I started corresponding by email after the thread above, and it ended with my sending the module to California to be fixed (which they do for free btw; all part of the QuBit service). It worked just fine thereafter- but I then replaced it with a v2 Nebulae, sold the v1 (in perfect working order), then found that the v2 was faulty. Been waiting two months for that to be replaced by the retailer…

Anyway, it sounds similar to my issue above, and it is repairable, by QuBit. Good luck!

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Thanks for your message!..Gives me hope that perhaps our conversation will echo far enough for the Qu Bit folks to hear and help out… I’ve posted, emailed and researched my grievances (with Nebulae v1 hehe)I hope they reach out and let me send them my module. To start, a full PDF copy of the Nebulae 1.1 manual would be amazing! :slight_smile: fingers crossed!

I’m sure Michael will see this sooner or later- but if there’s no response here in (say) 48hrs I’d start a new thread. As to a pdf manual, there’s one above. I can’t remember offhand if it’s any more pages, but it’s all there is.

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Thank you! @RtB Looking forward to learning from everyone and hopefully resolving these issues! Cheers!