Nebulae V1 latency on recall and other things

Love my nebulae v1, it’s great but I’ve run into some limitations that make it difficult to use practically. I do a lot of sample triggering through the recall input. But I’ve found the latency from trig signal to playback is too slow to keep up with anything else in the system. So if I have envelopes sharing gate with recall, or if I’m doubling up the nebulae with a synth voice the nebulae triggers way after the other elements and it just sounds a bit sluggish and awkward. Is there anything that can be done about this? Or is this a limitation of the hardware? Anyone else notice this, or is it just my unit?

The other thing I’ve been wondering about is, would it be possible to modify the firmware (or do like an alt. Firmware) to be able to implement a function that sends out a gate signal at the end of/start of the sample, so every time the sample loops it sends a gate out through one of the jacks? (Basically like the eoc jack on maths)

Where would you point an alt firmware newb to learn to do these things if they are possible?