Nebulae or Mojave

I’m looking for a specific granular effect. I don’t know if any granular module does what I want.

I would like to be able to take the smallest grain possible and use it like a wavetable oscillator. I have beads and really enjoy it but when you select a grain in beads and want to make it last longer, all that happens is you get a larger piece of the buffer.

So let’s say my smallest grain is a very short sustained pitch. What I would like to do is stretch that pitch into a long sustained note without adding any more buffer contents from either before the grain or after.

I hope that’s clear. Does either Nebulae or Mojave have this ability? Or am I asking for something that doesn’t exist?

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Hey @jasper, welcome to the forum! Between Nebulae and Mojave, Nebulae can kind of achieve this effect. The limitations are in the grain density range and the ability to track density 1V/oct, which Nebulae cannot do. If you paired Nebulae with an unquantized sequencer, you could dial in the voltages you want for your sequence. Hope this helps!

Thanks for quick reply and the good information. This sounds a little like what I can do with beads. Crank the density up into the audio range. It works ok on some grains. I suspect what I’m trying to do isn’t easy on any granular module, and stems from my weak experience with granular in general.

I seem to recall that some sampler, somewhere, can do this but… More study req’d.

Sorry for the non-Qubit answer, but Instruo Arbhar behaves as a wavetable oscillator when you turn the grain size to minimum.