Nebulae 2 seems to be locked up

Somehow my Nebulae seems to be frozen. Audio is still passing through fine. The 4 LEDs are white and all the File and Source buttons are bright white, the Record and Freeze buttons are dim white, and the Reset button is off. I’ve tried repowering a couple times with no change. Anyone know how to fix it and what did I do? Thanks

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Hey @scottmoon, welcome to the forum, and I’m sorry to hear about your issue! I recommend running through the troubleshoots listed in the page below, they should help get your Nebulae up and running again!

Thanks Michael. Turns out the SD card was the problem. It had tons of files on it. After updating with Etcher, it’s much leaner. Also fixed my incredibly slow startup time.

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Awesome! Glad we were able to figure it out. Have fun with your Nebulae!