Nautilus switching modes

Hello forum, hello Qu-bit,
It would be very nice while switching delay and feedback modes would fade or pass into each other, like on some effect pedals. Instead of ending abruptly. It’s somewhat annoying while fiddling with it .
Or am I missing something?

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Hey @Mdy, welcome to the forum and great question! In it’s current state, Nautilus can not include this feature. The reason being that adding fades between delay and feedback modes requires double the delay lines being available to create the fades (from 8 total lines to 16).

Since Nautilus is at the top end of it’s available onboard memory, the only way to achieve this effect would be to cut the delay lines in half, and allocate half of the delay lines to fading between modes. If that’s of interest to you, I could check in on the feasibility and time line on this type of alternate firmware for Nautilus!

Yes, I would like this as an alternative.
Also, would be great if it could have the following feature the Mimephon has : (copy past from their manual) :
"Rate moves smoothly between Repeat sizes within the selected Zone. Its changes are continuous and fluid, and with
Repeats turned up beyond zero, changes in Rate will cause doppler modulation/effects, leaving traces of shifted pitch in
the copied material. However, when the Mimeophon is being Clocked, a slew-less crossfade is implemented to achieve
instantaneous “switches” from one multiple or division to the next, leaving Rate modulation free from doppler effects.."emphasized text

This a fantastic option too, it prevents those chaotic overdoses of doppler effects which often completely mess up the patch.

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Nautilus carries both doppler and fade options as delay modes. You can find more information on these modes here in the manual!

Yes indeed I found out meanwhile, useless question :grinning:

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