Mojave Feature Suggestion

I’ve already posted this comment to Qu-Bit on the official modular thread, but wanted to see if others found this idea interesting as well… (so here it is…)

I’ve had the Mojave for a couple months now and I’m really loving it’s immediacy and flexibility as a granular device. It is my most beloved granular device to date. I do, however, have a suggestion that I would LOVE to see in any potential, future updates or Narwhal options:

As was demonstrated with Nautilus’ Chroma effects, simple effects built within the modules audio chain can be super powerful and add a lot of options and character to the module. I would LOVE to see an implementation of a small palette of simple effects like Chroma fx as an alternative assignment for the structure knob. Sky modes could then represent the different effects implemented and the Structure knob might act as a modulation knob for the effect applied to the grains. The effects that most interest me include a LP, BP, and/or HP filter, bit crusher, phaser, wavefolder, and saturation.

I’m sure a lot of people are digging the scales and what Structure does with them already, but with the Speed function already CV-able with random or sequenced v/oct modulation, I don’t always find it so necessary to use Structure as it was initially designed.

I totally understand if there are some technical realities that mean it can’t be done, but from a musician/user’s vantage point, these features would really make the module stand out even more than it already does among the granular processors on the market.