Mojave Buffer length issue

Hi loving my Mojave, but still getting to know it. Im guessing theres something im doing wrong or am not getting.

I set the buffer length to fixed and 60 second. My understanding is that I should be able to count outloud to sixty through the mic, hit lock and then be able to use zone to scrub from the number one back to sixty.

It seems like no matter what buffer size I set, im still only able to hear around 6 seconds of buffer.

other options in narwhal seem to be in effect.

Update: I now think that none of the narwhal parameters are updating - kind of hard to tell but turned reverb all the way down and then all the way up and no change. I also now got an error on the usb that its not readible. I reformatted it and tried again and no luck. bad usb perhaps?

Hey @kodiakkodiak, I’m sorry to hear your Mojave isn’t working as expected! There is a chance that the USB drive is not working properly. If you have another USB drive available, you can test and confirm with that one. Just make sure it is formatted to FAT32 prior to loading the options.json file onto it.