Low pass suggest

Aurora is awesome. Fdn alternative is great.
Just a suggestion to original firmware 1.4.4 : is it possible to add low pass and high pass filter too in next update.
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This is kind of what Atmosphere does when CCW of 12:00. What do you have in mind?

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Sorry about my question
I have to work more about your device.
I love it now and I ve just bought Nautilus .
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Glad to hear it!
Thanks for the kind words. :grinning:

As @informationsource mentioned, Atmosphere does indeed function as a LPF/HPF combo, but it is not necessarily a straight forward implementation.

We can keep that in mind for a future update.
Maybe that can be a setting on the flash drive to switch between original Atmosphere functionality or a traditional resonant LPF/HPF filter topology.

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