Length of saved sequence on Bloom

Hi, I love my bloom unit, but as i have got deeper into it (and modular as a whole - pretty new to this) I would like to clarify if i have a problem or a misunderstanding.

I have saved the first eight steps of a sequence, but when i try to save this at sixteen steps, it seems to delete steps 9-16 and revert to a eight step sequence.

I would like to be able to save up to 32 steps in each save slot - but it seems i can only save steps 1-8.

Can anyone clarify the length if sequence i should be able to save?


Hey @Further, welcome to the forum! Your Bloom should save these settings per pattern slot:

  • Step Data (CV, Gate, Slew, Repeats)
  • Scale
  • Sequence Length
  • Div/Mult Setting
  • Order

I’ve listed below to the method for saving and loading patterns on Bloom. You can also refer to the below animation:


To save a pattern, hold the SHIFT button and turn the PATTERN encoder to enter the pattern bank.

You must hold SHIFT down for the duration of this process.

Select a pattern bank slot by turning the PATTERN encoder. There are 8 total slots to save to.

Once you have selected your pattern slot, hold down the PATTERN encoder until Bloom’s LEDs start to repeatedly flash white. This indicates that the pattern has saved to the slot.

You can now release SHIFT to exit the pattern bank.

To load a pattern, hold SHIFT and turn the PATTERN encoder to enter the pattern bank.

Turn the PATTERN encoder to the desired pattern to load, and click the PATTERN encoder to select it.

Release the SHIFT button to exit the pattern bank.

If you performed the above step correctly, and your Bloom is not saving all of your steps, let me know and we can troubleshoot further!

Thanks for the comprehensive reply!
I have tried saving again using these steps with the same result -
I started with an 8step pattern i have saved, it loads as only 8 steps
I extend the pattern to 16 steps using the pattern encoder then edit the steps
I save it following the instructions, the pattern reverts to the first 8 steps. The newly edited steps have disappeared.

I should be able to save all 32 steps shouldnt I?

Yes, it should definitely save your note data, and whatever length you set your sequence to.

To confirm, when entering the pattern bank, are you holding SHIFT and turning the PATTERN encoder? By clicking the encoder, Bloom will load the current pattern in the slot, which would give the impression of removing any changes you made. I updated the above response for better clarification should anyone else come across this issue.

Thanks again for your response - i think i have resolved this. Time has been a little tight the last couple of days but by trying to save a number of random patterns, i realised i could sometimes save patterns of more than 8 steps.

Further messing about has, i think, solved this - i think i have been pressing shift slightly before the encoder, which was reverting the pattern to 8 steps before i was actually saving it.

Had a few tries and this seems to have done it, will try more in the next couple of days.
Thanks for your support, but it looks like my lack of coordination is the problem! (Any help with that would be appreciated though not expected)

Thanks again


That’s great–glad you’ve figured it out!

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