Led brightness , startup light & CV over delay/feedback type

I very much love the module don’t get me wrong - but

Is there anyway to decrease the overall brightness as the case with Mojave using some combo ?

Dam , upon navigating the manual again - I think the short answer is no…… I find that strange since this module is actually brighter than Mojave yet it has those adjustable functions

Also would be great to sea a future firmware to make the start up light more charming , like multiple colours blending in and out of each for a second like that which maybe reflects coral reef and other sea plants :coral: , rather than a static BRIGHT white light ?

Also this one doesn’t really matter as such , but would be sweet to see cv over the delay and feedback types within the narwhal app somehow, I find myself jamming/changing them on the fly , like in place of freeze and purge , we can instead switch between delay and feedback types

I’d appreciate a reply , will there be an led brightness adjustment arriving in a later firmware ?
It’s quite the mind F that there isn’t over Mojave , since Mojave never really needed one

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@Dmt7 great question! Not including an LED dimmer on Nautilus was an oversight on our end, and we do plan on including it in the upcoming Nautilus update. We will announce more information about the update in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for it!

The Delay/Feedback Mode is also a great suggestion. We could look into the feasibility of adding that feature in the future, though it likely won’t be for this coming update.

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That’s great to know ! Just to reclarify it’s mainly just the white light that could do with dimming , even a firmware that just deals with that would be sweet , I don’t mind the other colour brightness (neither does anyone else seem to) it’s the bright white light that appears on startup , and the white light that appears when changing sensor and or resolution. It could just be a lot dimmer that’s all.

The rest of its illumination is fine , although obviously an overall dimmer choice would be great , but na glad that’s something in the pipeline , cheers!

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