Issues with copying and saving

Hi, I want to say that I really like my Bloom and I can see a big potential in this module. What is more, I really believe that it can become an even better version of what it is now.

There are some issues that I am seeing and I would like to know if they are fixable. I am still pretty new to modules so I can miss some things. Please let me know if I am wrong! :slight_smile:

First thing that bothers me is the fact that copying a pattern always adds a change in the root. It changes the whole pattern (including branches) which is a destructive result. I can never use copying because I want to stick to the results I got. I think that it is a bug since it even happened in your Bloom part 2 video.

Second thing which might be even more important is the fact that branches change every time I save a pattern. Branches is such an important feature in this module that saving technically means breaking the result I liked. For example, today I created a pretty simple but nice pattern while using branches and I knew that I will lose it after rebooting the modular system. I know that I could save the root but it was just a small part of the pattern.

I would like to share some additional feedback as well. I really like that my Bloom can create amazing melodies. Often it can get overwhelming though. It is the reason why I never add too many branches and never use Branch and Path CV inputs as it would usually create too much chaos. I would love to see an option to lower branch randomisation so they do not get too far away from the root. Maybe it would be possible to add some algorythms were we could choose branch “characteristics”? I know that it sounds like a lot of work but I love the idea :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
And thanks for your feedback on Bloom’s functionality.

This was something that we spent much time discussing during development. There are two issues involved - memory constraints, and UI.

Memory constraints

The original Bloom hardware did not have enough memory to store all branches and paths for recall at a later point in time. Rather than decrease the functionality somewhere else we chose to make branches and path dynamic. The downside is that sometimes you want to hold onto a branch but are unable to. On the flipside, the dynamic nature of these controls add to the inherent musicality and “aliveness” of the module in my experience.


Even if we did have the memory onboard for saving all branches and paths, finding a way to control them with the existing UI was problematic. The module was already approaching our maximum menu dive tolerance and adding some sort of functionality for visualizing and saving/recalling branches and path threatened to push the UI into unusable territory.

I hope this clears things up!

Thanks a lot for clarifying things :slight_smile: I guess this module was designed for a bit different workflow than I would actually want it to be but there is nothing wrong with that. I still find it very useful though.

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