Is there a soft reboot option?

Curious if there’s a button combo to do a soft reboot?

As stupid as this is, im still trying to wrap my brains around the menu system and ended out of the granular mode and despite reading the instructions i can’t find it. Sorry if this seems dumb but im finding the menu quite confusing as to where I’m at or what’s going on

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Hey @Burnnout, welcome to the forum! There isn’t a “soft reboot” per say on Nebulae, but I can walk you through getting back to the granular looper instrument.

  1. Hold the Speed Encoder down for 3 seconds, until the LEDs turn green. You are now in the Instrument Selection Menu. You can release the encoder once you are in the menu.

  2. Turn the encoder until both the positive and negative Speed LEDs are lit. This means you are in the factory instrument bank.

  3. The LED buttons on the bottom of Nebulae select which instrument you want. The instruments are in this order from left to right:

  • Granular Looper
  • One Shot Sampler
  • Synth Voice
  • World of Echo
  • Test IO
  1. Press the Record LED button to select the Granular Looper Instrument.

  2. Press the Speed Encoder to load and enter the instrument. You should now be back in the Granular Looper!

Let me know if these steps work out for you, and if you have any questions!

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Worked! Thanks so much

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Awesome! Glad it worked out, and enjoy your Nebulae!