Is Nautilus usable if colorblind?

I’d love to get a Nautilus after listening to demos but I noticed in the manual that it uses LED colors as menus. I’ve got protanopia and can’t tell the difference between red/green, green/yellow, and blue/purple which seems like it might sadly prevent using Nautilus effectively. If anyone from QU-Bit reads this, Mutable Instruments did a great job with offering colorblind accessible modes that switched from signifying state via color to things like brightness intensity or strobe patterns. Any chance this could be done for Nautilus? And is there anyone out there with similar colorblindness who has the Nautilus and can share their experience with it?

Hey @asher, welcome to the forum!

I’ve attached some color combinations of Nautilus below, let me know if any of the colors or combos are difficult to discern:

A colorblind friendly mode is totally possible on Nautilus, thanks to the RGB LEDs and easy updates via the front panel USB port. I can speak with the engineering team about slotting that feature in a future update. It could possibly be a Narwhal setting!

Thanks for the reply and offering to chat with the eng team! The top 2 on the right look just about the same to me, as do the bottom 2 on the left. If there’s a colorblind friendly mode at some point in the future, this will be an instant buy for me. That said, tempted to buy now just for the possibility :smiley:

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Hey @asher, I wanted to update you and let you know that the team is working on a colorblind friendly mode for Nautilus!

Here is what I have for the colors, and the general idea for the mode. Let me know if you think this will work out nicely for you, or if there should be any changes made.


Mode Flashing

Each mode will flash it’s LED in relation to it’s place in the order, eg:

Fade Delay Mode - LED flashes 1 time
Doppler Delay Mode - LED flashes 2 times
Shimmer Delay Mode - LED flashes 3 times
De-Shimmer Delay Mode - LED flashes 4 times

Same would be for the Feedback Modes, and the Chroma Modes as well.

Let me know what you think!

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This would work great for me! I can’t express my gratitude enough - it’s unfortunate when a silly disability limits ones options and I’m practically in tears at this response. And now, off to order my Nautilus.

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Nothing silly about it! And we should be the ones thanking you. You brought us the opportunity to make our modules better for everyone. We’ll keep colorblind friendly modes in mind for future products, as well as older modules we can easily update!

We’ll post here on the forum as well as on our social media platforms once the update is ready!

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Hi there! I am also colorblind. I have a lot of trouble between the blue/purples modes otherwise everything is ok for me! Really like the idea of the colorblind modes!

Would it be too crazy to ask for customization of the colors within Narwhal at some point? I think that would be absolutely dope. In my opinion and anyone can state otherwise but I think enabling the mode via narwhal would maybe be better if you were trying to maybe not add to many extra button combos ;). It seems like it would be a set it once type of deal

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I don’t think we can promise this for the initial colorblind mode release, but this would be a great addition to Narwhal!! I’ll chat with the team about the feasibility of including this in Narwhal for the future.