Introducing Aurora

Hi All!

It’s been three years, four hardware revisions, and one global pandemic, but the Aurora is here!

We could not be happier with the end result, and we think that you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

Check out our site for audio examples, demos, and more!


This looks and sounds incredible. Must buy! Please tell me there will be a silver panel option! Pretty please?

Thanks for the kind words!

We don’t have a silver panel option currently. Due to the LED illumination through the front panel we had to use a different material for manufacturing which does not come in silver.

Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

Gotcha. I guess I’ll just have to beat back my ocd, this is cant miss!


Just was waiting for something like this in the modular world, very eager to try it. Thank you guys!!
Does the 4096 bands analyse is due to the power of the last electrosmith daisychip?

And on another topic, important to me, more software related, is this similar to, or operates like the maxmsp’s FFT implementations of Jean-François, namely the spectral freezer patch he published years ago (2008)? Max Patches for Spectral Audio Freeze - Part 1

Many thanks and congratulations guys,

Yes, all FFT settings were tailored for the performance of the Daisy platform. We’re really pushing the limits of the Cortex M7 chipset with this design.

I’m not familiar with that specific project but from the description it sounds like the freeze control on Aurora accomplishes the same thing.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info, having big hopes for this module, waiting for it to be available in the European market, any video/sound tutorials planned? Maybe for Berlin superbooth 2022?
The FFT work I was mentioning earlier was (forgot to put the entire name) Jean -François Charles…


We have a demo / overview video here.

We also have a tutorial series in the works, with the first installment being launched on our ship date of May 24.

Super excited about this one! Really sounds unique.

Question though: I’m interested in exploring making alternate firmwares and I have a Daisy Patch. Is it possible to flash Patch with the Aurora firmware to start hacking around with it? Or do I need to wait until my pre-order shows up? :smile:

Thanks for your interest!

You’ll have to wait until the pre order shows up.

Cool. Anything special to note about the dev environment / tool chain?

The dev environment is pretty straightforward.

There is a toolchain installer script for both Mac and Windows, and we’re pretty close to releasing a GUI installer as well.

Our recommended IDE is VS Code.

You can read more about the dev environment on this wiki page.

And we’ll be launching a public Aurora SDK GitHub repo after the product launch which will have getting started instructions and resources for the Aurora specifically.

Cool, standard Daisy tool chain then. Looking forward to when the SDK releases!


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Beautiful and creative, but I have to resist! This year I have decided to stop completely with purchases. I have to be rational and stay minimalist, one reverb, the Eventide Space, has to be enough for me.

Pre Ordered :slight_smile: from my local eurocrack dealer. Is the Aurora still on schedule for the first batch? Super excited to get this in my rack and patched up!!


Yes we are still on schedule and everything should be in stock at your local dealer tomorrow.

I have a potentially very stupid question, but Im sending audio from Chord through an envelope/VCA situation into Aurora, and either the wet signal cuts in and out, or I have to turn the atmosphere up way high and then there’s a ton of white noise kind of fuzz in the background

I am positive it’s something simple I’m just missing, but I really love this module when it’s working as intended, it’s just that I’ve got something totally wrong and can’t quite figure out what it is (fwiw, this also happens when I run QPAS into Aurora, sometimes better/sometimes worse depending on how exactly Ive got various parameters set)

any thoughts? am I just a huge dope? appreciate any help because this module rules when it’s firing on all cylinders

There are no stupid questions here!

Can you describe the cutting in and out in a little more detail?
That would be very helpful for diagnosing.

And if you have a video or audio examples that would help as well!

When you’re experiencing cutting in and out, where is the Atmosphere knob set?

So it appears it has more to do with running QPAS into Aurora, because when I go the opposite direction or just skip the filter entirely, everything runs great. It’s a super cool module firing on all cylinders, and I’ve barely even scratched the surface. Pleased as punch, and appreciate the assistance one way or another (I’ll sort out whatever’s going on otherwise, and in the meantime do some spacey Aurora jamming, because it rules).

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