If only... Inertia would affect switching

I recently purchased a Synapse and, though I love it for what it does, one thing did disappoint… It’s my own fault for not reading the manual closely enough. I assumed that inertia would affect the terminal switching (as well as memory and crossfade). I would LOVE a slow transition between output locations.

I know this is an older module, but is there any chance of a firmware update that would make this possible?

I think I already know the answer, but I had to ask :slight_smile:

I would love that as well!

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Thanks for suggesting this!

We went back and forth on this when we were designing the module originally.
Ultimately we decided against it to eliminate the feeling that the module was lagging when touching the controls.

I certainly see a use case for it though!

We don’t currently have any FW updates in the works for Synapse, but we’ll keep this in mind if we do!


Thanks for the reply! Don’t feel like you need to do it, just because it would make me (and possibly one other person!) extremely happy… It would though…