I joined the forum to ask. Could I send my outputs from my electribe through the Qu Bits data bender?

Total newbie, looking for ideas on setting up an effects rack for my two E2’s. I like the Data bender a lot!!

Hey @DoDemBeats, welcome to the forum! Data Bender requires modular level signals for proper audio processing, and I believe the Electribe is a line level only audio output synthesizer. You would need a signal converter device or module in between the two in order to work properly.

Something like the 4ms Listen IO, or the Mosaic 1U Line In and Out modules would work great!

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Hi Michael!
Thank you very much!!

Doepfer A-119 External Input is a good start for getting the outside world in to a synth…
I set up a re-mix system using two A-119’ s - for Stereo - and everyone had great fun twiddling the knobs on DataBender until it was pointed out the clock was ticking and we were supposed to be re-mixing…:grimacing::+1:


I want data bender mostly for my low end and some mids but my high end is sounding dry and ckrackeld because I AM OVER WORKING MY UNIT… I’m thinking that some really good combination of delay and chorus ( as well as a bit of abstinence) will breathe some life back into it into it. any suggestions?