High pitched notes in Bloom


I started a few months ago a super small Eurorack system with Qu-Bit Bloom, monome crow and some Moogs.

I´m slowly studying Bloom and there´s something that is driving me crazy - I´m sure that I missed something in the manual and/or videos. Even if I set a low octave in the Root, I still get some high pitched notes in the middle of my sequence - indeed, if I let it running for a longer time (15+ minutes) I will invariably end with a higher notes sequence (didn´t used a tuner, but definitely C4 or higher).

What ´m doing wrong to tame it?

Thank you very much!

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Hey @aeoner, welcome to the forum!

When using Bloom, do you also have Mutation up, which will randomly change notes based on a chance percentage? Or Paths and Branches?

Occasionally, the algorithms will combined in a way that certain notes will get noticeably higher within a sequence. Currently their is no way to attenuate the note range for random sequence deviations, but we have that feature on the books for future Bloom reiterations!

My recommendations for now would be to minimize the Mutation use when you want to avoid the higher notes (it tends to be the main culprit in this), or for an external workaround you can add an attenuator/quantizer combo to run Bloom’s CV out through.

future bloom iterations? best thing i heard all week!
or in the words of homer simpson: shut up and take my money!

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