Generating polyrhythms with Qu-bit Bloom

I’ve often played around with setting the two channels of Bloom to different lengths, to create polyMETERS. But it only just occurred to me to exploit the x3 “div/mult” to create polyRHYTHMS.
Ie. set “div/mult” for the two channels to factors that are not multiples of one another, eg. x3 and x2, or x3 and x4. I’m going to avoid ever setting any sequence to x1 from now on! Here’s a video where I try this out:

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This is a great patch and a super creative way to utilize Bloom’s channels! We have a Subharmonicon here in the shop for messing around with on breaks, and it’s also inspired the same Bloom patching for us :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael, sounds like a great place to work. What’s the shop?

The Qu-Bit shop! Sorry for not clarifying, but I’m part of the team here. Maybe we should make a forum badge going for Qu-Bit team members for the future :sweat_smile:

Ah! (Wish I had a Qu-bit shop in my neighborhood!)

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