Feature Request: FILTER: LP/HP/BP/OFF/IN 2 ONLY

On PRISMs, besides turning the filter off it’d be wildly useful to have a fourth mode under the LP/HP/BP button that routes IN 2 through the filter only then on to OUT 2.

Do you mean essentially disabling the effects chain for channel 2 so you can use it as a standalone filter channel, while leaving channel 1 alone?


Yeah, exactly!

Channel 1 would route through comb, decimate, and freeze while Channel 2 goes through the filter only.

Not sure how ‘freeze’ is structured. Maybe it has to apply to both channels still which is fine too. Heck, might even be cooler that way. Also not sure how one would select the style filter IN2 runs through but a little menu diving wouldn’t hurt the concept for me.

Anyways, thanks for the open ears.