Feature Request: Dj Filter style and overdrive

I like decimate, but found more than 12 o’clock unusable because is too agressive for my music. So would be great adjust the maximum decimate, but even more interesting implementing a kind of overdrive or distortion, as alternative model for decimate, and accessing to new overdrive with a combination of shift button.

Concerning the filter, I don’t know wich kind of curve is implemented, but seems like 12db style or something like that… I don’t know but I’d like sometimes an agressive sound that’s not happen with prism. Implementing 24 db style filter it will apreciate. In other hand, I’ve seen the new features on Data Bender. I found so interesting dj style filter, and I wonder if that would be implemented on prism, and even it make sense to have this feature in prism.

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Yeah, agree here about the decimate. Feels like the extra decimation past 2 o’clock is just more of the same.

For the filter, people have said it on here and in other forums too and I agree: from minimum to about 10 o’clock cutoff sounds closed on the LP filter.

DJ filter is a great idea. I ended up buying the Ikarie filter to get that feature. It’s supes useful.

Ikenberry and Co. are pretty responsive to the community. If there’s something that can be done, they just might.