Faulty revision 4 Prism Module, 3 repair enquiries unanswered

I purchased a prism on 11 April 2021 last year and I’ve not had much time to play with it until recently, however the unit lasts a few minutes after power up operating as expected, then the sound cuts out.

I tried it on 2 eurorack PSU units and it repeated the issue. Even when it’s the sole module.

I have submitted a request from the qu bit main page 3 times since last sunday and have not got a response, is there a holiday period or closure preventing responses?

Try sending them an email to their tech support. They are usually very responsive there.

I will try that, what is their email address?

Looks like you have to go through a support thing on their site: https://www.qubitelectronix.com/support

but you can email them directly at support@qubitelectronix.com

Thanks for your speedy reply, I’ve emailed them, hopefully they respond soon instead of running out the clock on the 1st year of free shipping on repairs. the 11th of April isn’t far away.

I’m really sorry about the delayed response!

We are a little short staffed at the moment and doing our best to keep up.
You should have received a support response by today if you emailed over the weekend. If not, feel free to DM me and we can get everything handled from there.